dimanche 21 octobre 2012

Free online survey tool : Soorvey.com
Use the free online survey tool Soorvey.com to drive your online forms on Internet (market research, satisfaction study). Questions and answers are unlimited in any language. No limit of time. Anyone can make a professional survey on Soorvey.com, it’s fast and easy to use. No software to download.
The program is constituted by 5 STEPS to follow:
1) CREATE : build your questionnaire
2) STYLE : design the style of your forms
3) TEST : before to send it, test your survey
4) SEND : send your form by using 3 options  (Email, Link to paste on a website,  more than 150 Social networks)
5) RESPONSES : check your answers either by seeing each forms individually or globally. This free software generates automatically the graphs (Bar chart, Pie chart) and stats of your responses. Furthermore, this free survey tool gives you the opportunity to export your responses to other statistical package such as Excel (.xls) or SPSS (.csv).

The PREMIUM version (charge) of this website gives you many other options such as choosing all the colours of your questionnaire, inserting your logo, images or videos (YouTube, Dailymotion).

The website Soorvey.com is a product of the swiss company « Sustainable Development », located in Lausanne, Switzerland. We support Sustainable Development by offering this program of free online surveys, which is much more ecological than paper-based surveys. Furthermore, we are building strong relationships with other actors in the field of Sustainable Development: Health, Environment, Fairtrade & Human Rights. Please check our pages on Facebook or Twitter for more information about the website Soorvey.com and our activities:
·         Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/FreeOnlineSurveys
·         Twitter : https://twitter.com/SoorveySD
Free form that you can create on Soorvey.com

Statistic of the reponses of your free online surveys

Graphs of the results of your free forms (Pie chart)

Bar chart of your responses
Please try this free online survey creator at www.soorvey.com.

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  1. I need to create a survey for our clientele. What is the best program or software out there to use? Can I download it? Or do I have to buy it in physical form?


  2. I am in charge of creating surveys at work for my clients and had never done them before. I am so glad I came across your site and was able to figure out how to create them so quickly and easily. Can I do how ever many I want?

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